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Joshua Paul Gardner®  Copyright 2018





Take a seat, put your feet up, and grab a cup of coffee. All comfy? Great, let’s get down to business.


I'm Joshua Paul Gardner, a Freelance Photographer / Videographer / CAA Approved Drone Pilot And A Qualified Mountain leader / Single Pitch Award Instructor.  


My specialities include aerial & ground-based video production, photography, digital strategy, social media marketing and brand development.


I strive to make each project unique and individual – part of my professional trademark is creating content that stands well apart from the ‘clutter’ and performs above and beyond the ‘average’ every single time.


I help you attract your perfect audience, engage with them and get results that matter. I work with you to achieve your objectives giving you results that matter, creating content to move your audience and create an impact that knows no limit.




The only limit is the film maker’s imagination. It’s all about the story and director’s vision when it comes to our approach to aerial cinematography. It’s not just about getting the shot, but about the emotions conveyed through the visuals we create. 

                                      - Joshua Paul Gardner

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Born in Cambridge, Raised in Norfolk. Made in the Mountains.






I love cameras & adventures. Even better when the two are combined. When I’m not behind the lens I can usually be found in the mountain, Either building up the miles linking multiple summits throughout the day, Soaking up the exposure on epic rock faces or doing something to get my adrenaline pumping. 


Ever since I was young I've always been fascinated by cameras, storytelling and the moving image. 


After spending 5 years studying graphic design & creative advertising I took a different path and instead of heading for London, decided to follow my passion and headed for the hills.   


I love to travel & document my trips and what I see and experience along the way.

Being able to relive & share journeys is something I find so powerful. Over the past 5 years, I've been lucky enough to travel a huge amount, to some of the most incredible places on the planet; for both work and for fun. 


Those adventures have given me the inspiration to make my work better, to constantly improve in myself & what I do. I feel so privileged to be able to do something for a job that I love & am so passionate about, whilst also being able to travel and explore this beautiful planet. 


I’m constantly learning, researching, studying and creating to develop my photography and videography style and to ensure I know of the latest developments and trends and industry best practice, they all contribute to my work being totally unique and evolving to stay new & fresh.