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Joshua Paul Gardner®  Copyright 2018


Photography & video SERVICES


 Overview video is an excellent way of promoting your club and involves shooting both aerial and ground based footage from a second camera to give the best coverage of your club and course. Selecting the very best aerial shots and integrating them with ground based shots we will produce a stunning 2-3 minute promotional video showcasing all that your club has to offer. 

MY CAA flight planning and risk assessment will be done prior to our arrival on site, to ensure strict safety procedures and the safety of the public at the flight location. It only takes around 15-20 minutes to set up the drone on site for flight.

This rapid deployment will minimise any potential disruption to residents or staff, with no damage to property or surroundings.


Give your course that professional 'PGA Tour' feel with our super smooth tee-to-green hole flyovers. Each flyover will be fully edited and can be captioned with any hole information and club or sponsor branding as required.  These individual flyovers can then be included on your website to provide visitors and members with an excellent hole-by-hole overview of your course.


As well as video I am also able to take stunning photographs of your club and course from the air and on the ground for use on your website or any other marketing material that you may have. My high resolution photographs will be fully edited to the very highest quality and provide you with an excellent way to showcase your course and its facilities.